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  Новый Год - праздник снежный
New Year - a holiday snow


Nadezda Sereda

Nadezda makes beautiful shows and she has a gift for using video clip-art and video effects to enhance her Producer shows.

Have a look at her YouTube Channel and you'll see what I mean.
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  Surges Of Spring


About six minutes of springtime images from Northern Europe, set to fine American Music.
Click here to see more of Sven's work.


Chris Cross

A collection of photos of the Showtimers: a group of singers and two pianists who entertain at Day Centres and Homes. Set to music using ProShow Producer. Presentation shows the cast of 2011, Rehearsals, Pearly Kings and Queens outfits, past members and some photos from our shows. Photos have been taken by various people on various cameras over a number of years and so vary in quality.

This was one of Christine's first shows in Producer. Pretty good for a beginner.
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  Tampa Bay Area


Kenny Wright

Kenny's beautiful photos of this lovely region remind me of an unforgettable holiday in Florida.

aah! Happy days!
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  Summer Road Trip 2011


Sandy Teetz

This is one of those shows that make you feel good.
It's well put together, with a great choice of music - just a warm, happy show.

Nice one Sandy.
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Câu chuyện đầu năm - Như Quỳnh


nga le thi

This show - about a much loved son - makes very good use of my 3-D Motion effects.
Sadly, I cannot understand the lyrics of the song, but in some ways, that adds to the enjoyment.

Nice job.

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  Acadia National Park ME


A photographic journey through Acadia National Park
Click here to see more of Rob's work.
  The World According to Manu


Peter Hewitt

I love this video. It's a simple little tale, very well made and delightfully heartwarming.
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  Lindsey Stirling - Shadows


Eugene Gameux

This is an excellent show with music and stunning photographic images perfectly matched. What a wonderful production.
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  Thomas Arne - Rule, Britannia!


Paula Wertheim

What can I say?
How could I not include this?

Wonderful - Thanks Paula

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