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  Pack 35 is a collection of 26 Carousel & Spoke effects.


Pack 35 - The Carousel Pack

26 Slide Styles
compatible with widescreen (16x9)
shows only.
£10.00 (GBP)

The styles in this pack will
work with ProShow Producer 5 and later

    This video can be viewed Full Screen

The individual slide styles in this pack are contained in a ZIP file and will need to be extracted before being imported into ProShow Producer.
Once imported, they will appear in the Category "Pete's Carousel Pack".

This pack is designed to work with widescreen (16x9) shows only.
These effects will not function in 4x3.

The Carousel Styles

The styles in the Carousel Pack have been designed to add interesting movement to a slideshow.
You can view demo videos of the individual styles below.
These effects will work with almost any subject and, when used as a feature slide, will enhance a show.
All but one of the styles use a separate background photo. To avoid merging the feature photos into the background, it is wise
to use a plain image or a contrasting image as a background or a photo that is not 'too busy'. You will find a selection of suitable background images
and videos by following the Backgrounds Link above.

Using a Carousel Style as an Opening Slide

Some of the styles in this pack work well as a show opening.
By adding a Caption or Text Layer, you can create an
eye-catching opening effect.
To do this, simply add the new caption layer as Layer 1 of the slide
and enter your text.

The video (right) will give you some design ideas.

Note: To add interest to the slide in the demo video, I have used a video background. You will find a selection of suitable backgrounds on this site.
Just follow the Backgrounds link above.

    Carousel Background

When I made the demo of this pack for YouTube,
I created a carousel animation to use as an intro.
(see YouTube video left)

The carousel video is 1'48" long and is
1920 x 1080 mp4 at 60fps.

If you would like to use this video as a background
you can download it by clicking here.


Rendering Tip

To achieve the smoothest motion possible for your final video, it is necessary to set the frame rate correctly.
If your video is to be viewed on a computer or the Internet, set the frame rate to 60fps progressive (60p).
If you are going to view your video on a TV, use the following settings:
NTSC : 30fps (or 60fps) interlaced (30i) or (60i).
PAL / SECAM : 25fps (or 50fps) interlaced (25i) or (50i).
All the videos on this page are rendered 60p.