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If you scroll down this page, you will find a selection of videos. Each video was created as a show in Producer and I have made a Template from each of these shows.
If you have not used a Template before, don't worry, they are simple to use and are a quick way to create a show.

A Template is basically a complete show without the pictures. When you save a Template in Producer, it creates a file with all of the settings for each Slide and it remembers where on your computer you have stored any other elements from the show - such as music, graphics, masks etc.

A Template is not a delivery format. It is designed to use on one computer. For that reason, when sharing a Template, it is necessary to include all the show elements with the Template file. See "How to use the Templates" (right)

Each of the shows below has been saved as a Template and placed in a zip file. Also in the zip file is everything else you need to recreate the show - music, masks, graphics etc. So you can easily recreate each of the shows with your own photos.

All of the shows have been designed to work with Producer 4 onwards.

If you would like to use any of the individual slides from any of these shows, you will find them as Slide Styles on the Producer 4 Styles page.

I hope you find the Templates useful. Let me know what you think of them.
  Before you start to work on your new Template, it's a good idea to create a new folder on your C drive where all the elements can be stored.

Once you have created a new folder to store the show elements, click on the download template link and save the zip file to your C drive.

Now run the zip file and extract all the individual elements of the show.

In Producer, Import the Template file (the .pst file). To do this, click on 'Show' in the dropdown menu and then select 'Import Template' from the 'Show Templates' option.
This will give you a navigation window where you can import your new template.
Once you have done this, click on 'File' in the dropdown menu and select 'New Show from Template'. This will open the 'New Slide Show' option box. Make sure the 'Template' option is selected in the left hand column and then locate the Template you have just imported in the Show Template section. Click on the Template once to highlight it and then click 'Create'.

Producer will now inform you that certain files from the show are missing and ask if you would like to search for them - click 'Yes'. When the 'Missing Files' box opens, click 'Find Selection' and navigate to where you stored the files from the original zip file. Once you have found the file Producer is looking for, highlight it and click on 'Open'. Producer will then be able to locate all the missing files in the same folder.

Your new show is now ready to have the pictures added.
    Show PDF File Download pdf copy of this section.
Adding photos to a Template is just the same as adding photos to a Slide Style - you simply drag and drop. To help you position the correct format photos on the appropriate layers, I have renamed the image layers as follows: Landscape Photo 1. Landscape Photo 2. Portrait Photo 1.... and so on. In each case - whether it be Landscape or Portrait - the first photo to appear in the slide will be named Photo 1, the second to appear will be Photo 2 and so on.

Once you have added photos to your new show from a Template, you might want to personalize it. You can do this in any way you like. You might want to change the transitions or re-set the zoom or pan values and set Zoom Points. You could even add more photos or maybe remove some. The possibilities are endless. That's the joy of Templates - once you have the basic show in place, you can change it in any way to wish and play about with it until it's just the way you want it.

If you experience buffering delays, press f5 to re-load the page and play the video again.


Template 1 - "Upside Down"

  Template 2 - "Flower Duet"

  Template 3 - "Fig Leaf Rag"

  Template 4 - "Love is Blue"

Length - 2 minutes.
Images - 91 x Landscape. 13 x Portrait.

This short show is fast moving and fun.
The show uses cuts between slides and displays up to 8 images per slide; each photo appearing in time with the music.
To add variety, some photos have been set to appear on the beat while others are set to the off-beat.
  Length - 3 minutes 32 seconds
Images - 18 x Landscape.

This show has a slow, gentle feel.
The photos are displayed in an ornate picture frame.
Each image is placed over a textured background, giving the appearance that the photos have been printed on a close-weave canvas.
The show uses AB cross fades and minimal amounts of zoom.
  Length - 3 minutes 30 seconds
Images - 37 x Landscape.

This show is in two sections.
The first part is set to black & white and the images are displayed in a soft, ragged frame - giving an old-fashioned appearance.
The second part is in colour and set to full screen.
I have kept to AB cross-fades throughout the show and used only small amounts of zoom, which seems to work well with the music.
  Length - 3 minutes 12 seconds
Images - 24 x Landscape. 4 x Portrait.

This show could be used for a variety of subjects, although I have chosen to use it as a travel show.
To keep it simple, I have used only AB cross fades.
Download Template 1   Download Template 2   Download Template 3   Download Template 4