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Pete's Animated Christmas Styles

A collection of 19 Slide Styles with animated character backgrounds

The slide styles have been designed to work with Producer 6 & 7. If you are using Producer 5, you will not be able to use styles 1 & 19 as they include Text features that are only available in later versions. All the other styles will function correctly in v5. None of these styles will work in Producer 4 or earlier.

Each style uses a video background (with the character animation). The video backgrounds are not included in the styles - as this would make the styles very slow to load. Instead, you will need to load each video into its appropriate style - just as you would any other image. The videos must be placed on the Layer named 'Video Here' and you will find details of which video to use in the Layer info box. Generally speaking, Style 1 uses Xmas_Video_1, Style 2 uses Xmas _Video 2 and so on.

I have included a festive 'screen border' on every style. The border is located on Layer 1 in each style. If you want to use the style without the border, simply hide Layer 1.

All the styles and videos are in a zip file named ChristmasStyles.zip
This is a large file (615Mb) and may take a while to download.
The videos are in mp4 format and are 1920x1080.
When imported into Producer, the styles will go into a category named 'Pete's Christmas Animated Styles'.

If you are not used to including videos in your Producer shows, you will find that everything takes a lot longer to happen. It's a bit like getting older....:)
And the more videos you include in a show, the slower Producer will work. But don't worry, once the show's been rendered, the videos will run correctly.
I have found that I get the best results when I render to Mpeg4 (mp4) @ 30fps.

settings   How to set the videos

As the movements in each slide style are set to work in sync with the video backgrounds, it is necessary to lock the slide time to the video length. To do this, simply tick the 'Slide Time' box, once you have loaded the video. (as shown in the graphic left)

You will also need to ensure that the video does not affect the show soundtrack level. To do this, set the video volume to 0 (zero) and tick the Soundtrack box. (as shown in the graphic left)

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