Animated Captions


Unless otherwise stated, all the Captions on these pages have transparent backgrounds so they can be placed over any other image.
They can be re-sized, re-shaped and the colour can be changed - all in ProShow Producer. All Captions are animated gifs.

Caption Categories These pages contain a selection of Animated Captions
which you might find useful for your shows.


All of these Captions have been created as animated gifs and are quite large files.
When imported into a show, Producer will treat them as a video.
In Slide Options / Layer Settings / Video Clip Settings, you are able to adjust
the speed of the animation and set it to Loop.
In Slide Options / Adjustments, you can set the Colour of the Caption. It is also
worth reducing the Black Point as this will enhance the appearance of the Caption.
You can re-size and position the caption in Slide Options / Effects as you
would any other image.

Have a look at the video (right), which will give you an idea of what's on these pages.